How are your products shipped?

Products are shipped via US Mail, FedEx or UPS for all orders.  The shipping cost can be calculated in the shopping cart based on your shipping address.  Shipping charges will be added to your total during Checkout.

Do you use preservatives in your products?

While we do not use any parabens or other harsh preservatives, all of our products do contain a mild preservative.  Please check the ingredients label for specifics.

Can your products be used on relaxed, color treated, and/or thin hair?

Yes.  our products can be used on relaxed, color treated and/or thin hair.  Simply apply a small amount at a time to determine how much of the product is ideal for use on your hair.

How should I use your products?

Hair texture and type vary from person to person.  Please check the “Suggested Uses” section of each product description for general guidelines.  Also be sure to check our “Instructions” page for more specific product usage suggestions.

How do Extreme temperatures effect your products?

Some products may be sensitive to extreme heat or cold.
Please keep this in mind when ordering products that may melt from extreme heat or freeze from extreme cold.
If temperature extremes are occurring, we may hold an order and not ship it on a Friday to lessen the chance that the weather will adversely affect products in transit.
All products are packaged as securely as possible to prevent leaks.
Once an item leaves our warehouse we can not be responsible for the melting or freezing of items during transit.
Please keep weather extremes in mind when you place an order.

What is your Return policy?

All Sales are final.
We do not accept returns or cancellations. Orders can not be canceled once placed.
We can not accept returns for very important reasons.
It’s illegal to accept returns on cosmetics and Food Grade items due to health and safety regulations along with quality control and contamination/tampering issues.

If your product is damaged in any way or there is some other issue with the quality of your product please do not hesitate to contact us at customerservice@inahsi.com.

How do I contact you about questions about my Order?

Please send all questions regarding products and orders to customerservice@inahsi.com.

I added products to my cart but it still says it is empty. Where are my products? (Enable Cookies)

At the present moment our website saves your session using “cookies” which are stored through your web browser. If your browser is currently set up to “block cookies” even if you have added products to the cart when you go to view the cart it will show as empty. To remedy this situation you will need to change your settings in your browser to “Accept Cookies”.  Please see instructions below:

To enable cookies in Firefox click here

To enable cookies in Chrome click here

Internet Explorer
To enable cookies in IE click here

To enable cookies in Safari click here

Android Mobile Browser
To enable cookies in your browser on your Android device click here

What is your shipping policy?

Orders placed before 4:30pm CST will ship the next business day.  Orders placed on Friday, Sat and Sunday will ship on the following Monday.
Exceptions:   Orders placed on or immediately before a National Holiday will ship on the next business day following the Holiday (Christmas, New Years, etc…)
Once your order has been processed allow for the appropriate shipping time based on the option you chose during checkout. You will receive an email when your order has been received.  You will also receive emails when your order has been submitted to the warehouse for processing, and finally when the order has been shipped.  The final email will contain any tracking information available based on your shipping method.

Also please note that FedEx Home Delivery and UPS SurePost services will deliver your package to your local post office and then USPS will complete the final delivery.