Benefits of Natural Ingredients

Shea Butter

    • Soothes Irritated Scalp
    • Sealant for the Hair
    • Protection Against Heat
    • Softener for Hair
    • Locks in Moisture
    • Does not clog pores

Cocoa Butter

    • Locks in Moisture
    • Effective against dry itchy scalp
    • Does not clog pores
    • Stimulates the growth of hair follicles

Aloe Vera Gel/Juice

    • Astringent
    • Helps Moisturize
    • Reduces Dandruff
    • Brings a refreshing and cooling sensation to the scalp.
    • Reduces the dry, itchy feeling that accompanies dryness or oiliness
    • Acts as a natural conditioning agent that restores the hair’s sheen, luster, and shine
    • Balances pH Level (Porosity) of Hair
    • Enhances Cellular Rejuvenation
    • Anti-Inflammatory


    • Effective in curbing hair fall and dandruff
    • Effective in boosting hair growth
    • Used as a remedy for premature graying and split ends
    • A good conditioner and moisturizer for hair
    • Makes the hair soft, supple and shiny

Avocado Oil

    • This nutrient-rich oil helps with thinning and scalp irritation
    • Has a lightweight formula so it absorbs into the hair and scalp easily
    • Also contains humectants, which means it draws in moisture
    • Excellent for moisturizing, deep conditioning, improving hair strength, and boosting shine

Castor Oil

    • Thickens hair
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Prevents thinning
    • Helps reduce split ends
    • Helps to tame frizz
    • Prevents scalp infections

Coconut Oil

    • Great for preventing dandruff
    • Has a lightweight formula so it absorbs into hair and scalp easily.
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Strengthens hair, thickens hair, and prevents damage.

Rosemary Oil

    • Great for stimulating hair follicles for hair growth
    • Helps to minimize hair loss and graying
    • Prevents dandruff
    • Strengthens hair
    • Boosts shine

Hemp Oil

    • Can be used to condition your hair and scalp
    • Helps boost scalp health
    • Protects against moisture loss
    • Has gamma linolenic acid, which is good for combating hair dryness
    • Can thicken the hair texture and keep the scalp away from dandruff
    • Reduces hair loss

Palm Oil

    • Moisture content is very beneficial for hair and skin
    • Contains lipids and saturated fats that feed the hair shaft, eliminating dryness
    • Contains moisture beads that will improve the texture and quality of your hair by making your locks soft and manageable
    • Can also be a moisturizer for your skin
    • Contains natural antibacterial components that fight acne bacteria
    • Beneficial for cuts or scrapes on your skin, because of its germ fighting properties
    • Contains Vitamins A and E are free radical neutralizers. Free radicals are unpaired molecules in the body that cause destruction of your cells.
    • These vitamins fight free radicals, helping to protect and preserve your cells, resulting in healthier hair and skin

Nettle Extract

    • Increases blood flow to your scalp which stimulates hair growth
    • Continued use of nettle will oxygenate your hair follicles and strengthens hair fibers, promoting healthier, shinier, fuller hair
    • Minimizes hair fall out

Horsetail Extract

    • Promotes new hair growth by strengthening hair follicles and increasing blood circulation in your scalp area
    • Silica is the main hair-supportive compound in this herb.  Silica, which helps form the collagen in skin and bones, also helps to strengthen hair
    • Also keeps hair looking smooth and shiny
    • Helps to give products containing this herb great slip

Marshmallow Root Extract

    • Well known for its amazing slippery texture for easy detangling as well as softening the hair
    • High in plant protein that promotes healthy hair growth and shine while also soothing dry scalp and skin inflammation


    • A  great humectant which means it has the ability to draw moisture
    • Useful moisturizer and emollient
    • Imparts significant gloss and shine
    • Smooth film also provides excellent slip between adjacent strands of hair and detangling properties
    • Lightweight formula is capable of penetrating the cuticle and entering the hair shaft, where it aids in moisture retention and provides volume
    • Panthenol can improve damaged hair by improving hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility
    • Part of the Vitamin B group, but when it’s applied to hair, it takes on a pro-vitamin form giving your hair an extra boost of B vitamin which helps thicken your hair as well as promote hair growth

Peppermint Oil

    • Peppermint oil is a natural astringent and helps to balance your scalps acid mantle
    • Also normalizes sebum production and protects against oily skin
    • Relaxes blood vessels and stimulates blood flow to hair follicles, therefore this oil is used to stimulate hair growth
    • Delivers a cooling effect to the scalp
    • Fights dandruff, and head lice
    • Since the oil balances the pH, it can be used for the treatment of dry and itchy scalp
    • Has a soothing scent; thus, making your hair refreshingly fragrant
    • Works great as a conditioner, adding shine, gloss, and bounce to the hair

Tea Tree Oil

    • Used to clarify the hair and treat oily scalp problems
    • Antiseptic properties help remove build up on the hair shaft that can be the result of product usage or minerals from the water in your home
    • Has the ability to normalize hair and therefore improving its pH balance
    • Massaging the scalp daily with tea tree oil can also help increase circulation at the scalp surface, which stimulates hair follicles and hair growth

Lavender Oil

    • Contains potent anti-bacterial agents that soothe and heal scalp infections
    • Useful in treating dandruff and adds volume to the hair shaft
    • Nourishes hair
    • Helps to Moisturize scalp and strands
    • Helps prevent shedding
    • Improves blood circulation on the scalp aiding in hair growth
    • Has powerful antiseptic qualities treating dry scalp, fungi, bacteria, and other microbes

Ylang Ylang

    • Regulates the production of sebum. Thus, it is useful against any type of skin blemishes
    • Can also aid the healing process of certain wounds and bites
    • Has a stimulatory effect on the scalp, thus promoting the growth of thick strong hair
    • Can have a balancing effect on scalp oil production, and may help with split ends

Hyaluronic Acid

    • Great humectant, ability to draw moisture to the hair or skin
    • Helps keep the skin young and healthy
    • Supports, nourishes and hydrates the deep layers of the scalp. The result is healthy lustrous hair and a moisturized scalp
    • Contains hyaluronan, a substance that occurs naturally in the body